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Oberland ski trip

Crossing the Oberland, 6 days with Philippe, Philippe (no it’s not hi-ho echo) and Laure. On paper, it was not won. Chamonix is the mordor, the Oberland too. Finally this is what we... READ MORE

Vallée Blanche

We enjoy a wonderful weather currently on the Alps. Although the snow has not fallen for a while, the conditions for the Vallée Blanche remain excellent and we will ski once again to... READ MORE

Vallée Blanche

The weather forecast was not very pretty. And then finally, by dint of looking at the forecasts, it decided that yes, ok, it would be nice weather. Indeed the snow is rather matted... READ MORE

Rive Gauche d’Argentière

Rive Gauche d’Argentière : 2 classic icefalls but still as beautiful: Déferlante, Minuscule Gully. The right bank of Argentière did not inspire confidence. large breaks are visible at the foot of most waterfalls.... READ MORE