Aiguille noire de Peuterey

Climbed by the southern ridge of “Noire de Peuterey”, we descended by the eastern edge. The southern ridge it’s 5 peaks to climb, Bifide, Welzenbach, Brendel, Ottoz, Bich before reaching the Madonna of Aiguille Noire. The East edge is also a long journey where the sense of the itinerary is paramount. With Thom, we had gone to sleep at the refuge of “Aiguille Noire”, but with good weather and good conditions, we decided to continue and it was about 9pm when we found a 5 stars bivouac under Bifide peak. This first part is the privileged field of ibexes. The next day, after a morning departure and a route error, we chained the peaks. But how steep it was ! We needed the day to reach the bivouac of “Noire de Peuterey”. It is a magnificent belvedere. The descent through the eastern edge was not a formality. Apart from the yellow marks, it is constantly questioning the itinerary.