La Grande Lui – Northwest ridge

A mountain course never happens as planned. There are so many vagaries, the weather, the conditions, the physical form of the protagonists, the errors of itinerary, the rope that gets stuck etc. This time it was a glacier. The Saleinaz glacier. On the topo, it was obvious, “go down the right bank for 30 minutes before leaving to climb to the refuge”. Once the crux of the track passed, the face NW, then the W couloir descended, we thought the course finished. Not at all. It was only the beginning of a long wandering (more than 2h). I had never seen a glacier so cracked. We were like Theseus in the midst of the labyrinth of Daedalus … without Ariadne’s wire. We had to make up our minds to plunge into the crevasses, to climb frozen blades to finally get out of these icy meanders.