Toboggan – pillar of the 3 points

François wants to make a beautiful climbing in red granite on friends, François wants adventure and mystery, François wants to be alone in the buttress of Tacul. François finds the rare pearl, slide to the pillar of the 3 points. After agreeing a date for our release, I do research on this beautiful climb and this pillar that I do not know absolutely not. Surprise the ancients know well, it was a classic … before. But the info apart from Piola is quite rare. Perfect. First gondola 7:15, approach by skiing, the passage of the rimaie (where one does not run), the first half happens without problem. It is in the red that this is corse with a little much research. The first 6b pitch is a little pomatory. The second 6b pitch is really hard and mental is preponderant. The last pitch, 6a (!?) leaves marks, boulder problem in a vertical crack. Although we climbed well we finished at 9pm. Perhaps because of the many many jambs of ropes, Arghh. It was magnificent, alone in the granite.