Dôme des Glaciers

We left with Julien to make the crossing Trè la Tête – Lée Blanche – Dôme des Glaciers. We dropped the car at “Les Lanchettes” to avoid the long climb and especially the long descent Contamines-Conscrits. We reached Conscrits Refuge by route of Robert Blanc (great welcome), “Col du Mont Tondu”. Wake up 2am (rain and thunderstorm), wake up 4h (rain), wake up 6h with everyone. 100 people anyway, it’s crazy the success of “Domes de Miage”, but with all theses people, it does not make me dream. After discussion and seeing the rain stop, we decide with Julien to try “Col des Glaciers” then “Dôme des Glacier”. Successful bet, we are alone, the slopes of snow not so rotted by the rain and despite a thick fog we find the pass. The climb to the pass is not very long (40m), fortunately because it is a stack of plates where nothing holds. The crossing of the ridge of Lanchettes is superb and the ascent to the Dome is magnificent. A very wild itinerary. The right descent into the glacier is not so obvious and you have to negociate some nice crevasses.