Oberland ski trip

Crossing the Oberland, 6 days with Philippe, Philippe (no it’s not hi-ho echo) and Laure. On paper, it was not won. Chamonix is the mordor, the Oberland too. Finally this is what we thought before discovering through 6 beautiful days this beautiful region of 4000. Start from far (Flaferalp, but in true it was Blatten because of the snow), arrived far (Grimselpass, but in true it was Oberwald because of the snow :). We discovered Hollandiahutte, Konkordiahutte, Finsteraahornhutte. But not Oberaajochhutte, because moved by a wind and foggy clouds we did 2 stages in 1. We saw the Mt Blanc from afar, the Finsteraarhorn and Aletschhorn meadows. We climbed the Abenie Flue and the Wyssnollen. We had powder, spring snow, crusty and sticky snow (especially in the end when it is flat). In short, a magnificent ski tour.